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Maharani Restaurant offers authentic South and North Indian Cuisine

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About us

Maharani Restaurant led by a team of highly skilled and experienced chefs, Maharani Restaurant focuses on South Indian cuisine with subtle and complex flavours, yet light on the stomach.

The stylish contemporary interiors, comfortable and relaxed seating and ideal lighting, blend seamlessly with an exceptional committed service to create a perfect Indian dining experience. The interiors highlight unique features, the most prominent of which is the ‘wow’ kitchen, a signature element of the restaurant allowing guests to really experience a true taste of Maharani Restaurant as they witness chefs engaging in the preparation of their food. The fascia of the kitchen is made of carbonized wood with brass detailing which replicates the char-grilling of the traditional tandoor, creating a beautiful visual.

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Delicious Food

Maharani has been serving South Indian and Chinese Cuisine for over 30 years, serving everyone with our pride.

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Why not book a private event with us. Whether it’s a birthday or work party we can make you happy with your loved once.

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Our restaurant is fully licensed car park so enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

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Our Menu

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  • Deserts
Chutney Tray
Spicy Pappadam
Fried Idli (v)

South Indian steamed rice pancake with peper, onion & chillies

Uzhunnu Vada (V)

doughnut shaped fritter made with lentil, greenchillies & ginger server with coconut chutney

Parippu Vada (V)

made with Channadal, curry leaves, ginger, chillies & onions

Chicken 65

boneless chicken pieces marinated with spices & deep fried

Tandoori Chicken (on the one)

chicken marinated in tenderizing mixture of yogurt & spices

Chicken Tikka

boneless chicken marinated with yogurt & spices

Garlic Chicken Tikka

lip smacking tandoor recipe with a combination of rich flavoured ingredients

Masala Dosa
Chicken Dosa
Lamb Dosa
Egg Dosa
Malabari Mix Meat Biriani

Traditional Indian dish with highly seasoned rice

Malabari Lamb Biriani

Traditional Indian dish with highly seasoned rice

Malabari Chicken Biriani

Traditional Indian dish with highly seasoned rice

Malabari Prawns Biriani

Traditional Indian dish with highly seasoned rice

Chicken Tikka Tandoor

succulent pieces of on the bone chicken marinated in yogurt

Tandoori Chicken

two luscious pieces of chicken on the bone immersed in yogurt

Hunter's Platter

combination of mixed meat

King Prawn Tandoori

marinated king prawn cooked in a tandoor oven

Garlic Chicken

chicken cooked in kerala style with garlic and coconut milk

Malabary Chicken Curry

chicken cooked in a roasted coconut and special spices

Nadan Kozhi Curry

chicken mix with mustard,garlic,ginger and special home made spices.

Kothamalli Kozhi Curry

chicken marinated in chefs own masala, with the freshness of green herbs and coconut

Kerala Lamb Curry

traditional lamb cooked with chefs own masala

Adu Ulathiyathu

slow cooked lamb, roasted with sliced coconut and onion

Kochi Lamb Curry

lamb cooked in a special sauce made with freshly mint and green chilly

Erachi Ulathiyathu

truly home style delicious beef curry from kerala

Nadan Beef Curry

tender pieces of beef cooked in a fresh coconut, aromatic spices, tumeric, red chilly and kurry leaves

Ammachy Fish Curry

fish marinated in our home made masala lightly spiced with red chillies, tomato and tempered with mustard

Kathirikka Currey

a lip smacking dish, sow cooked aubergine in pur special sauce

Vendakka Masala

it is sauteed with onions, tomatoes and spices and cooked in coconut milk

Koon Masala

a great dish with spicy, aromatic and slightly tangy flavoured gravy

Cheera Parippu

a smiple home style dal palak

Quorn Masala

its succulent quorn pieces smothered in a masala sauce

Ice Cream (vanilla,strawberry,chocolate)
Ice Cream Sundae
Gulab Jamun
Mango Lessy
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Discover our popular dishes

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